Tim Kuster


“Tim Kuster was an Eagle Scout and was one of the first in Ohio to initiate outdoor, experiential activities with seriously challenged kids. I inherited his boots when he passed. A month ago, we took them back to the land Sagamore once occupied and placed them in the woods where we first camped with kids. We love that he’s honored annually by the Association. He’s REMEMBERED DAILY by all of us who worked with him at Sagamore. We call ourselves Sagamorons. He never took himself too seriously cuz it’s just all about the kids.”

-Tim Schaffner, 1st Kuster Award Recipient





 To nominate a child and youth care professional for this award, please fill out the form below, print, and email it to info@helpingohiokids.org  by March 2, 2018.


– The nominee is a leader in the Ohio child welfare system
– The nominee is an advocate for both children in need of intensive programs as well as the providers who serve them
– The nominee has made outstanding contributions to the field of residential care or other intensive treatment programs, benefiting Ohio’s high-risk youth.

The OACYCP Board approves members to receive these awards annually. The awards will be presented at the Annual Conference Luncheon on Thursday, March 29th, 2018.

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